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Table 2 Transcriptional Regulation Rate Change Pattern Examples.

From: Extracting rate changes in transcriptional regulation from MEDLINE abstracts

Example-1 Endogenous Mdm2 is tethered in vivo, presumably via p53, to chromatin comprising the p53-responsive p21(waf1) promoter, and Mdm2 overexpression enhances protein ubiquitylation in the vicinity of a p53 binding site within that promoter. (PMID: 15546622)
Example-2 Deletion of CHZ1 led to reduced ubiquitination of subtelomere-associated H2B, reduced subtelomeric H3K79 dimethylation, and increased binding of Sir3p, and Sir4p at telomere-distal euchromatin regions, correlating with decreased gene expression in subtelomeric regions. (PMID: 20008511)
Example-3 The cofactor npl4-1 and ufd1-2 mutants also exhibit G1 delay and reduced CLN1 promoter activity at 38: 5°C, suggesting that Npl4-Ufd1 complex mediates the function of Cdc48 at G1. (PMID: 21526151)