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Table 1 The 13 ways of reducing a 4-letter state space (S) to a 3- or 2-letter state space S .

From: Statistical tests to identify appropriate types of nucleotide sequence recoding in molecular phylogenetics

Nucleotide-grouping Subsets Recoding notation Resulting S Major grouping category
{{A, G}, C, T} R {R, C, T} {2 : 1 : 1}
{A, G, {C, T}} Y {A, G, Y}  
{A, {C, G}, T} S {A, S, T}  
{C, G, {A, T}} W {C, G, W}  
{A, C, {G, T}} M {M, G, T}  
{C, {A, G, T}} K {A, C, K}  
{A, {C, G, T}} B {A, B} {3 : 1}
{C, {A, G, T}} D {C, D}  
{G, {A, C, T}} H {G, H}  
{T, {A, C, G}} V {T, V}  
{{A, G}, {C, T}} RY {R, Y} {2 : 2}
{{A, T}, {C, G}} SW {S, W}  
{{A, C}, {G, T}} KM {K, M}