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Table 3 The attributes used in the dataset (10-17).

From: Knowledge discovery of drug data on the example of adverse reaction prediction

10 Blood test on allergy - IgE Have the antibodies of the IgE type (which usually raise in allergic diseases) been measured? Nominal (Positive, Negative)
11 Perinatal disorders Disorders occurring during delivery and the first hours after the birth Nominal
(Yes, No)
12 The child birth order Born as the first, or the second, etc., child in order Ordinal
13 Severe respiratory disease A respiratory disease which is severe enough to be a life frightening (e.g. laryngitis, pneumonia) Nominal
(Yes, No)
14 Age of severe respiratory disease Age when some type of severe respiratory disease occurred Numeric
15 Otits media Otits media Nominal
(Yes, No)
16 Age of otitis media Age when otitis media occurred Numeric
17 Other infections Had there been some other infection before the allergic/adverse reaction on antibiotics occured? Nominal (Yes, No)