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Table 10 Participating teams, ranks and references to system descriptions.

From: Overview of the Cancer Genetics and Pathway Curation tasks of BioNLP Shared Task 2013

Team Institution Tasks (rank) Members Ref
TEES-2.1 University of Turku CG(1), PC(2) 1 BI [94, 95]
NaCTeM National Centre for Text Mining PC(1), CG(2) 1 NLP [96, 97]
NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information CG(3) 3 BI [98, 99]
RelAgent RelAgent Private Ltd. CG(4) 1 LI, 1 CS [71]
  University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam    
UET-NII   CG(5) 6 CS [100]
  and National Institute of Informatics, Japan    
ISI Indian Statistical Institute CG(6) 2 ML, 2 NLP -
  1. Abbreviations: BI: Bioinformatician, CS: Computer Scientist, LI: Linguist, ML: Machine Learning researcher, NLP: Natural Language Processing researcher.