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Table 7 Pathway models used to select documents for the Pathway Curation task.

From: Overview of the Cancer Genetics and Pathway Curation tasks of BioNLP Shared Task 2013

Pathway Repository ID Publication
mTOR BioModels MODEL1012220002 [88]
mTORC1 upstream regulators BioModels MODEL1012220003 [88]
TLR BioModels MODEL2463683119 [89]
Yeast Cell Cycle BioModels MODEL1011020000 [90]
Rb BioModels MODEL4132046015 [91]
EGFR BioModels MODEL2463576061 [92]
Human Metabolic Network BioModels MODEL6399676120 [93]
NF-kappaB pathway - - [23]
p38 MAPK PANTHER DB P05918 -
p53 PANTHER DB P00059 -
p53 feedback loop pathway PANTHER DB P04392 -
Wnt signaling pathway PANTHER DB P00057 -