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Table 1 Original rule-based conversion of EVEX event types to the GRN interaction types.

From: Application of the EVEX resource to event extraction and network construction: Shared Task entry and result analysis

EVEX type GRN type
Binding Binding
Regulation* of Transcription Transcription
Regulation* of Gene expression Transcription
Positive regulation of Any* Activation
Negative regulation of Any* Inhibition
Regulation of Any* Regulation
  1. The table is traversed from top to bottom, and the first rule that matches is applied. Regulation* refers to any type of regulatory event, and Any* refers to any other non-regulatory event type. Because the EVEX Binding type, unlike the corresponding GRN Binding, is symmetrical, the EVEX data is split into two candidates per instance. Because some GRN types do not have an equivalent type in the EVEX resource, such as 'Requirement' and 'Promoter', these types could not be addressed by our work.