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Table 4 Performance measurement of different system settings on the GRN development set.

From: Application of the EVEX resource to event extraction and network construction: Shared Task entry and result analysis

Method Dataset SER F Rel. P Rel. R Rel. F Rel. SER
TC, ETF GRN PMIDs 1.00 11.90% 70.59% 17.91% 28.57% 0.896
Hybrid GRN PMIDs 0.985 5.19% 90.00% 13.43% 23.38% 0.881
ML-full GRN PMIDs 1.12 2.27% 57.14% 17.91% 27.27% 0.955
  1. For the original rule-based system, only the best setting is included here (cf. Table 3). 'Hybrid' refers to the hybrid ML system with rule-based ETF, and ML-full refers to the classifier with the full feature set.