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Table 1 The 16 conventional scoring functions and the molecular docking software in which they are implemented

From: BgN-Score and BsN-Score: Bagging and boosting based ensemble neural networks scoring functions for accurate binding affinity prediction of protein-ligand complexes

Scoring function (SF) Software Type of SF Reference
Jain Discovery Studio Empirical [37]
LigScore   Knowledge based [38]
Ludi   Empirical [39]
PLP   Empirical [40]
PMF   Knowledge based [41]
ChemScore SYBYL Empirical [24]
D-Score   Force-field based [11]
G-Score   Force-field based [32]
F-Score   Empirical [42]
PMF-Score1   Knowledge based [41]
ASP GOLD Empirical [43]
ChemScore2   Empirical [24]
GoldScore3   Force-field based [32]
GlideScore Glide Empirical [44]
DrugScore Standalone Knowledge based [45]
X-Score Standalone Empirical [12]
  1. 1 SYBYL's implementation of PMF
  2. 2 GOLD's implementation of ChemScore
  3. 3 GOLD's implementation of G-Score