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Table 3 Main factors analysis and their interactions on the measured ICV

From: A practical guideline for intracranial volume estimation in patients with Alzheimer's disease

  F Pr(>F)
Group-ID 4.057815e+00 6.359433e-02
Sex 8.929189e+00 9.777993e-03
Age 1.069814e-01 7.484464e-01
Method 2.096274e+02 2.732017e-25
Group-ID : Sex 8.929189e+00 9.777993e-03
Group-ID : Age 5.299599e-03 9.429964e-01
Sex : Age 2.656019e-01 6.143387e-01
Group-ID : Method 8.024328e+00 2.432221e-04
Sex : Method 8.291057e-01 4.853501e-01
Age : Method 1.981851e-02 9.961500e-01
Group-ID : Sex : Age 1.012292e-03 9.750675e-01
Group-ID : Sex : Method 6.211696e-01 6.052420e-01
Group-ID : Age : Method 2.471838e-01 8.628723e-01
Sex : Age : Method 4.724365e-01 7.031207e-01
Group-ID : Sex : Age : Method 5.051764e-01 6.808114e-01