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Table 5 Summary of the fold recognition analysis for YbiN.

From: RNA:(guanine-N2) methyltransferases RsmC/RsmD and their homologs revisited – bioinformatic analysis and prediction of the active site based on the uncharacterized Mj0882 protein structure

Model number Pcons score Threading server reporting the model PDB ace. # PDB entry description
1 3.406 FFAS 1DUS Mj0882
2 3.267 3DPSSM 1DUS Mj0882
3 3.083 SAM-T99 1DUS Mj0882
4 2.618 mGENTHREADER 1DUS Mj0882
5 2.552 PDB-Blast 1G6Q Arg MTase Hmt1
6 2.547 INBGU 1DUS Mj0882
7 2.481 PDB-Blast 1DL5 protein isoAsp-O-MTase
8 2.467 PDB-Blast 1F3L Arg MTase Pmt3
9 2.462 FFAS 1G6Q Arg MTase Hmt1
10 2.4 PDB-Blast 1G6Q Arg MTase Hmt1
  1. Hits to the Mj0882 structure are shown in bold. Comprehensive structure prediction results are available at the URL: