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Table 3 Motifs derived by Gibbs sampling the indicated modules (see additional File 1).

From: Computational detection of genomic cis- regulatory modules applied to body patterning in the early Drosophila embryo

Module recovered factors (copies) novel motifs
eve stripes 2, 3+7 kni(15), bcd(9), hb/cad(9)  
eve stripes 5, 4+6 hb/cad(6), kni/hb/cad(12) RTTNSRCGSAAT(9), ATYCYGCARY/bcd (6)
h stripes 5,6,7 Kr(12), hb/cad(14) km (7) GRCNWG[T/G]TSNSA (9)
hb (both mods) Kr/tll(6), hb/cad(8) ATTTTCCNSC (9)
kni (1.1 k) Kr(7), tll(5), hb/cad(9) GWGWG[A/C]GWGYG(7)
Kr (700 bp) bcd(5), hb/cad(7) TWNTGATCCWS (6)
tll (3 mods) kni(9), cad(9), Kr(7), hb/cad(8) TCRAWSAAT/torRE (8)
  1. The criterion for a motif to match a known factor is given in Methods; copies refers to all sequences in the Gibbs derived motif. Only the consensus sequences of the most prominent unclassified motifs are shown with the abbreviations (R = A/G, W = A/T, S = G/C). Matches in italics are marginal and names linked by / co-occur within the same Gibbs motif, possibly on opposite strands.