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Figure 7

From: Sources of variability and effect of experimental approach on expression profiling data interpretation

Figure 7

Direct comparison of t-test and four pairwise survival methods. Shown in green is list of 417 differentially expressed genes surviving four pair-wise comparisons to mixed control. Shown in red are differentially expressed genes for 2 mixed DMD 5–6 y profiles versus 6 mixed controls showing p < 0.05 by t-test. (Panel A) This analysis shows the survival method to be considerably more stringent than t-test. Most gene expression changes detected by the mixed sample survival method are included in changes from t-test analysis (both mixed and individual profiles). Panel B is the compilation of previous figures, showing that > 2-fold survival method using only four mixed profiles (two DMD, two control) is highly specific but likely insensitive compared to t-test methods

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