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Figure 11

From: An automated method for finding molecular complexes in large protein interaction networks

Figure 11

MCODE in Directed Mode Figure legend: MCODE was used in directed mode to further study the complex in Figure 10 by using seed vertices from high density regions of the two parts of this complex. A) The result of examining the Lsm complex using MCODE parameters that are too relaxed (haircut = TRUE, fluff = FALSE, VWP = 0.05). B) The final Lsm complex using MCODE parameters of haircut = TRUE, fluff = FALSE and VWP = 0 seeded with Lsm4. C) The final 26S proteasome complex seeded with Rpt1 using MCODE parameters haircut = TRUE, fluff = TRUE and VWP = 0.2. Visible here are two regions of density in this complex corresponding to the 20S proteolytic subunit (left side – mainly Pre proteins) and the 19S regulatory subunit (right side – mainly Rpt and Rpn proteins).

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