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Figure 6

From: An automated method for finding molecular complexes in large protein interaction networks

Figure 6

Sensitivity vs. Specificity Plots of MCODE Results Among Various Data Sets Figure legend: Specificity is plotted versus sensitivity of the best MCODE results at an overlap score above 0.2 against both the MIPS (Panel A) and Gavin (Panel B) complex benchmarks. Panel A shows that there are no large inherent differences among interaction data sets resulting from significantly different experimental methods (data set: sensitivity, specificity; Y2H:0.10,0.27; Benchmark:0.29,0.36; HTP Only:0.14;0.24; Pre HTMS:0.27,0.31; AllYeast:0.27,0.26; Gavin Spoke:0.10,0.38). Panel B shows that the Gavin benchmark is expectedly biased towards the Gavin interaction data set and thus should not be used as a general benchmark (data set: sensitivity, specificity; Y2H:0.03,0.10; Benchmark:0.11,0.16; HTP Only:0.24;0.33; Pre HTMS:0.10,0.13; AllYeast:0.27,0.26; Gavin Spoke:0.31,0.79).

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