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Figure 7

From: An automated method for finding molecular complexes in large protein interaction networks

Figure 7

The Second Highest Ranked MCODE Predicted Complex is Involved in RNA Processing and Modification . Figure legend: This complex incorporates the known polyadenylation factor I complex (Cft1, Cft2, Fip1, Pap1, Pfs2, Pta1, Ysh1, Yth1 and Ykl059c) and contains other proteins highly connected to this complex, some of unknown function. The fact that the unknown proteins (Yor179c and Pti1) connect more to known RNA processing/modification proteins than to other proteins in the larger data set likely indicates that these proteins function in RNA processing/modification. This complex was ranked second by MCODE from the predicted complexes in the AllYeast interaction set.

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