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Table 3 Detection of gene names appearing only in the Methods section.

From: Information extraction from full text scientific articles: Where are the keywords?

  Restriction endonucleases  
  Msp1 v27.n3.277
Incorrect: Pst1 v19.n4.340
  Sac1 v27.n4.375
  Vector name  
  Psg5 v23.n3.287
  Cell strain  
  Tig3 v26.n3.291
  Definition of a Yeast strain  
  Can1, Leu2, Lys2, Trp1 v26.n4.415
  In array  
  Faf1 v20.n3.266
Correct (technical context): Growth detection  
  Mcm5, Mcm6 v25.n3.263
  Platelet mRNA analysis  
  Pbp2 v23.n2.166
  Primers used to determine embryo sex  
  Zfy1, Zfy2 v27.n1.31
  Analysis of mutant phenotypes  
  Pmd1 v24.n4.355
  cDNA probe  
  Rab2 v19.n2.134
Correct: SNP found in cDNA  
  Add3, Npr2 v22.n3.239
  Identifier given  
  Pom1 v28.n3.223
  Detection of meiosis specific genes  
  Mei4, Mek1, Sps4, Zip1 v26.n4.415
  1. Ref: reference of the article in Nature Genetics by volume, issue number and first page of the article.