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Table 3 Kelch-repeat proteins of C. elegans

From: Molecular phylogeny of the kelch-repeat superfamily reveals an expansion of BTB/kelch proteins in animals

Architecture GenBank Accession Alternate Name Domain organisation Amin Acids Closest human seq. Reference
BTB/kelch NP_496496 kel-1 BTB/K6 618 KLHL3 40
  NP_510109   BTB/K6 817 NS1-BP  
  NP_503729   BTB/K6 836 KLHL8  
  NP_499784   BTB/K6 591 NP_079286  
  NP_499241   BTB/K6 518 KLHL10  
  NP_498380   BTB/K6 579 KLHL10  
  NP_491322   BTB/K5 531 NP_055273  
F-box/kelch NP_497184 *   Fbox/K4 809 KR only  
CyclinC/kelch NP_506605   cyclinC/K6 480 N/a  
RING/kelch NP_506602   RING/K6 570 N/a  
Kelch and multidomain NP_510443 Attractin CUB/ K6/PSI/EGF 1271 Attractin  
  NP-501279 CeHCF K6/FNIII 782 HCF 42–44
Kelch and unique NP_506607   u/K4 430 KR only  
  NP_501919 spe-26 u/K5 570 KR only 41
Kelch only NP_506895   K6 426 PEAS/TIM  
  NP_493418 *   K6 359 KR only  
  1. Key. *Kelch-repeat proteins not listed in either Pfam or SMART species trees. KR only = sequence match to kelch-repeats only. All the most closely-related human BTB/kelch sequences are members of human BTB/kelch subgroup 1.