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Table 2 The results of building a Venn diagram based on exact exon matches among the aligned RefSeqs, TWINSCAN 1.2 predictions, and GENSCAN predictions, on the NCBI34 build of the human genome. All exons are first combined into clusters that have the same begin and end points. These clusters are then partitioned into the subset of exons annotated only by RefSeq (R), the subset annotated only by TWINSCAN (T), the subset annotated only by GENSCAN (G), the subset annotated by RefSeq and TWINSCAN but not GENSCAN (RT), etc. For each of these subsets, the table shows the number of clusters in the subset. It also shows the percentage all exons from each of the input sets that is included in that subset. The last column shows the fraction of all clusters included in that subset.

From: Eval: A software package for analysis of genome annotations

Subset in partition Cluster Count % of RefSeq exons % of Twinscan exons % of Genscan exons % of all clusters
R 29,680 20.29% 0.00% 0.00% 7.21%
T 44,672 0.00% 22.04% 0.00% 10.84%
G 166,765 0.00% 0.00% 51.72% 40.48%
RT 15,141 10.55% 7.47% 0.00% 3.68%
RG 12,812 9.29% 0.00% 3.97% 3.11%
TG 57,795 0.00% 28.52% 17.92% 14.03%
RTG 85,069 59.88% 41.97% 26.38% 20.65%