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Table 1 Statistical test of gene expression at pathway level.

From: PathMAPA: a tool for displaying gene expression and performing statistical tests on metabolic pathways at multiple levels for Arabidopsis

Pathway Name P-Value Significant or not (NS) Up or down regulation
ATP synthesis 0.02358 Significant Up
Photosynthesis 0.04368 Significant Up
Glutamate metabolism 0.00569 Significant Up
Glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism 1.0E-4 Significant Up
Carbon fixation 1.0E-4 Significant Up
Proteasome 0.02033 Significant Up
Oxidative phosphorylation 0.001279 Significant Down
Tyrosine metabolism 0.02515 Significant Down
Glycolysis or Gluconeogenesis 0.515 NS  
Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) 0.5626 NS  
Pentose phosphate pathway 0.5711 NS  
Inositol metabolism 1.0 NS  
Pentose and glucuronate interconversions 0.7458 NS  
Fructose and mannose metabolism 1.0 NS  
Galactose metabolism 0.3579 NS  
Ascorbate and aldarate metabolism 0.8625 NS  
Fatty acid biosynthesis (path 2) 1.0 NS  
Fatty acid metabolism 0.101 NS  
Sterol biosynthesis 0.4255 NS  
Bile acid biosynthesis 0.4304 NS  
Ubiquinone biosynthesis 0.08707 NS  
Androgen and estrogen metabolism 0.6917 NS  
Urea cycle and metabolism of amino groups 0.6471 NS  
Purine metabolism 0.8689 NS  
  1. This is an example to identify pathways that are affected by experimental treatment for one experiment with four replicates. NS: non-significant. Significance level is 0.05.