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Figure 2

From: Tumor classification and marker gene prediction by feature selection and fuzzy c-means clustering using microarray data

Figure 2

Weighted/mean SOM component plane. a) Weighted component planes of ALL and AML type of tumors in leukemia data set. d) Mean component planes of Normal and Tumor colon tissues in colon data set. c) Weighted component planes of MD, Mglio, Rhab, Ncer and PNET type of tumors in brain tumor data set. d) Weighted component planes of CNS, Renal, Breast, NSCLC, Ovarian, Leukemia, Colon and Melanoma type of cancer cell lines in NCI60 data set. In each plot, feature map units that identified by the manual feature selection of model one were marked by light green squares and detailed information of selected SOM map units can be found in our web supplement [22]. The color scale of weighted/mean component plane represented the expression level of SOM reference vectors, where red indicates high expression and green indicates low expression

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