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Table 2 Exemplar Genes Found to the Significant (p < 0.05) under the PPST test in the lymphoma data set[18], but missed under the t-test.

From: Tests for finding complex patterns of differential expression in cancers: towards individualized medicine

Gene PPST Score* Pattern p-value under t-test
B-cell growth factor (IL-4) 13 ABA 0.301
CCND1 Cyclin D1 (PRAD1; parathyroid adenomatosis 1) 13 AB 0.087
homeobox protein Cdx2 mRNA 12 AB 0.232
LIF Leukemia inhibitory factor (cholinergic differentiation factor) 10 AB 0.181
tumor susceptiblity protein (TSG101) mRNA -16 BA 0.526
carcinoembryonic antigen -18 BA 0.328
CCND2 Cyclin D2 -18 BA 0.076
VIM Vimentin -18 BA 0.976
  1. *PPST Score = s1 or -s2 (for AB or BA pattern) and s3 (for ABA pattern)