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Table 1 Motifs used in EWS homology model 1. The entries in this table show consensus sequences of the weight matrices used in the model (note that it is possible for two distinct weight matrices to have the same consensus sequence). Motifs are listed in both forwards and reverse-complement orientation, and the two sections of the table indicate whether that motif is given a positive or negative weight in the learned linear model.

From: What can we learn from noncoding regions of similarity between genomes?

Postive Negative
Forward Reverse Forward Reverse
gtca tgac tacgt acgta
tattg caata gggca tgccc
tgcca tggca gtca tgac
ggca tgcc acaat attgt
tacgt acgta gggc gcccc
gtact agtac tact agta
taac gtta cctcc ggagg
ttt aaa ggca tgcc
acaat attgt tattg caata
caatt aattg tattg caata
cagc gctg aaatt aattt
cag ctg caat attg
cggat atccg gtat atac
aaatt aattt ccagg cctgg
gctcg cgagc catg catg
ggc gcc act agt
   taagg cctta
   aaaaa ttttt