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Figure 1

From: VisANT: an online visualization and analysis tool for biological interaction data

Figure 1

Sample view of a VisAnt application. Displayed are connections in a segment of the MAPK regulatory network constructed by data from Lee et. al.,[29] (Brown lines with arrows, indicating binding of protein to DNA) and correlations in microarray experiments published by Hughes, et al[30] (green lines), as well as links established by protein-protein binding etc. Genes for membrane-bound receptors, and related pathway proteins and transcription factors linked by physical interaction and gene expression relation are shown. Protein/DNA is represented as the nodes. Red nodes represent proteins that are annotated in at least one KEGG pathway (the quick-tip of node STE12 indicates that it maps to KEGG pathway 04010). A "-" indicates that the node is fully expanded (i.e. all connections are shown) while the "+" indicates that some links have not yet been displayed. Correlations between nodal proteins are indicated by connecting lines (edges), different colors corresponding to different experimental methods.

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