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Table 1 This table summarizes the inputs and outputs for InDeVal. It provides the names of the different InDeVal file types and displays, the number involved in analyzing a single portion of DNA, whether or not they are required for InDeVal function, their basic format, whether or not they are provided with the InDeVal package, when they are produced, and a brief description.

From: The InDeVal insertion/deletion evaluation tool: a program for finding target regions in DNA sequences and for aiding in sequence comparison

Input Number Required Format Provided Description
Conserved region file One Yes InDeVal-specific Yes Representative sequence with variable regions replaced by variable region file names
Variable region file Multiple No InDeVal-specific Yes (28) List of sequences for which a variable region is to be searched and a message to be displayed for each
DNA sequence file One Yes FASTA No Set of sequences to be analyzed
Output Number Produced Format Description
Sequence Analysis Window One per analyzed sequence Always Display Displays analyzed sequence broken into user-defined units and allows InDeVal/user interaction
Variable Region Analysis Window One per variable region Upon user-request Display Displays one variable region so that the sequence found in the analyzed sequence can be contrasted with those found in all other studied sequences
Output file One per analyzed sequence Upon user-request Similar to NCBI default display Text file of the analyzed sequence, annotated with conserved and variable region positions and variable region sequence-specific messages