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Table 1 General double description method for EM computation.

From: Computation of elementary modes: a unifying framework and the new binary approach

N ← reconfigured stoichiometry matrix [N - N Rev ]
A q q independent rows of A
RA q -1
for each unprocessed row Aiof A do
  J+ ← {j J : Airj> 0}
  J0 ← {j J : Airj= 0}
 J- ← {j J : Airj< 0}
R' ← {rj: j J0 J+}
For (j+, j-) J+ × J- do
Processing of constraints in a given order
   If and adjacent in R then Adjacency test

end if
end for
End for
Gaussian combination step
RR \ { futile two-cycles }
R ← back-configuration of R