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Table 4 The top ten most significant genes provided by K5M and MMM.

From: A novel Mixture Model Method for identification of differentially expressed genes from DNA microarray data

GenBank Accession IDs Gene/ Protein Description Rank based on MMM Rank based on K5M
D00073 Kidney/ carrier activity 1 1
AA815845 Unknown 2 2
AF085696 ion transportation/ K+ channel, inward rectifier/renal salt flow 3 3
AW047688 Brain/Hypothalamus 4 4
M12660 Kidney/ Complement protein H gene 5 5
AI847513 Brain/ Hypothalamus 7 6
AA919924 Phosphate metabolism/inositol-1(or4)-monophospha te Activity 6 7
X69966 Dilation of the proximal renal tubules and extensive vacuolization of tubule epithelium 8 8
AF103809 Elevated kidney levels of lysosomal enzymes 9 9
AA711516 Barstead mouse myotubes MPLRB5 10 10