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Figure 6

From: Selection of informative clusters from hierarchical cluster tree with gene classes

Figure 6

Randomization results. A. Histogram of different log-p-value results for the highest scoring cluster-class pair in each of the clusters from one randomization for average results with MIPS classes are shown. A peak of zero results from clusters with too small size as they are given the value 0 automatically (see results). B. 99th percentile log-p-values from different randomizations for all methods (red = complete, green = Ward, blue = average) and for both the SGD (marked with '*', three higher profiles in the plot) and MIPS (marked with 'o', three lower profiles in the plot) classifications. Note that the correct value for 99th percentile would be 2. C. Previous 99th percentile values after Bonferroni-correction. Different results are marked similarly as before.

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