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Table 3 Correlation of results with previous analysis

From: Selection of informative clusters from hierarchical cluster tree with gene classes

Hughes et al. Results Corresponding results with
groups in fig. 1B
PAU gene family   
stress and CH metabolism (both) 29,32 47
AA biosynthesis 4,5 7,9
Ergosterol   12
mitochondrial function 3,24, 38 6,8,14
Mating 15, 17, 26 [71]
additional groups from text
cell wall 43 [88]
mitochondrial ribosome 14,24 3,6,22
iron/cation homeostasis 35, 37, 42 24,26,32
protein synthesis 1, 8, 12 1,2, 3, 5
  1. Comparison of obtained results to ones observed by Hughes et al. [5]. The comparison uses groups that Hughes et al. presented in their article's figure 1 and the additional ones that were only mentioned in the text. The table presents the easily spotted corresponding clusters obtained with both SGD and MIPS classification reporting the ordinal numbers for the corresponding clusters. Brackets [] point to clusters that are outside the top 50 clusters or present weaker correlation to previous results. Results were obtained with text search from table 4 [additional file 1]. Note that all the analysis results from the previous analysis work from several gene clustering results with different cut-offs were pooled and compared against one cluster tree showing that similar clusters to earlier results can be obtained. Additional abbreviation is PKC responsive to protein kinase C. Other abbreviations are explained in the texts for tables 1 and 2.