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Table 3 Comparison of SAM and iGA performance on noisy lymphocyte data. The cells were obtained from elicitor-treated animals and show an expression pattern indicative of immune system activation. For iGA the genes on the array were annotated by Gene Ontology terms and keywords extracted from gene names.

From: Iterative Group Analysis (iGA): A simple tool to enhance sensitivity and facilitate interpretation of microarray experiments

  SAM iGA (based on lists of sorted by fold-change)
Groups detected n.a. Kallikrein (4 genes)
   Rhesus transporters (2)
   Antimicrobial peptides (4)
   Classical complement (4)
   Immunoglobulins (6)
   Scavenger receptors (2)
   7 other groups (15)
Genes detected 0 37 total
FDR used 50% 10%