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Figure 3

From: Bioinformatics analysis of SARS coronavirus genome polymorphism

Figure 3

Positions with two or more SNPs in A and C groups with amino acid changes. Positions are represented on the relative scale of all the isolates and on the TWH scale. Isolates from group B have not been counted, since their positions of SNPs while coordinated among them, are highly different from all the others. SNPs are in bold type. Proteins associated with SNPs are represented based on TWH annotation. IDs of annotated isolates are in grey boxes. Positions of SNPs causing amino acid changes, together with amino acid and their properties' change [16] are in grey. Legend of A. Ac. properties: Hp:hydrophobic, Ar:aromatic, Ap:aliphatic, P:polar, NCh: negative charged, PCh:positive charged, S: small, T:tiny

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