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Table 1 Properties of Plasmodium MB2 gene homologues.

From: The MB2 gene family of Plasmodium species has a unique combination of S1 and GTP-binding domains

Gene Namea Species Vertebrate Host Gene sizeb (bp) Translation product (aa)
PfMB2 P. falciparum Human 4830 1610
PkMB2 P. knowlesi Primate 4128 1376
PgMB2 P. gallinaceum Avian 4638 1546
PbMB2 P. berghei Rodent 3972 1324
PyMB2 P. yoelii Rodent 4140 1380
PcMB2 P. chabaudi Rodent 3921 1307
  1. a. Abbreviations: Pf, Plasmodium falciparum; Pk, P. knowlesi; Pg, Plasmodium gallinaceum; Py, P. yoelii; Pb, P. berghei; Pc, P. chabaudi. b. Gene sizes are based on reconstructions of the open reading frames from the following sources: PfMB2, Genbank accession nos. AF378132, AF378133, AF378134, AF378135, AF378136, AF378137, AF378138; PkMB2, Sanger center contig c000500602; PgMB2, Genbank accession nos. AY328135, AY328136, AY328137, AY328138, AY328139, AY328140, AY328141; PbMB2, Genbank accession nos. AY330346, AZ527175, and Sanger Center contigs berg-524g06.q1c, berg-172a06.q1c, berg-5f11.p1c, berg-524g01.q1c, berg-514c07.q1c; PyMB2, Genbank accession nos. AY330344, AY330345, AABL01000943, and Sanger Center contig ChrPy1_c25655; PcMB2 accession nos. AY330347, AY330348, and Sanger Center contigs Pch0968c12.p1c, Pch0781b11.q1c, Pch0290h07.q1c, Pch0915e09.q1c, Pch0264d01.q1c, Pch222b04.p1c, Pch0781b11.p1c, Pch0264d01.p1c, Pch0290h07.p1c, Pch0915e09.p1c, Pch222b04.q1c, Pch0865d07.q1c, Pch0092g12.p1c, Pch1109c10.p1c, Pch1109c10.q1c, Pch0092g12.q1c, Pch257f05.p1c, Pch0272f01.p1c, Pch1029f05.p1c, Pch0282c03.p1c, Pch322a07.p1c, Pch335b11.p1c, and Pch317g10.p1c.