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Table 1 A comparison of 2003 journal impact factors

From: Delayed impact: ISI's citation tracking choices are keeping scientists in the dark

Journal 2003 impact factor
Genome Research 9.635
Bioinformatics 6.701
Nucleic Acids Research 6.575
Molecular Biology and Evolution 6.050
BMC Bioinformatics 4.896 (estimated)
Journal of Computational Biology 4.600
Genetics 4.276
Molecular Ecology 3.870
Evolution 3.833
Protein Science 3.787
Genomics 3.488
Journal of Molecular Evolution 3.114
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2.826
Gene 2.754
Genome 1.861
  1. The journals listed are a selection of the journals that most frequently publish and/or cite bioinformatics-related articles.
  2. Note that the figure listed for BMC Bioinformatics is not an official impact factor, but an estimate, based on ISI's data, of what the impact factor would be, if it were calculated.