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Table 3 Correlation coefficients of the genomic features for 100 random interactions

From: Filtering high-throughput protein-protein interaction data using a combination of genomic features

Genomic Features r t(98) p-value
Homologous Interactions – Similar GO annotations -0.12605 -1.2579 0.2401
Homologous Interactions – Interacting Pfam Domains 0.022501 0.222802 0.8826
Similar GO annotations – Interacting Pfam Domains -0.01817 -0.17988 0.2868
  1. r: Pearson's correlation coefficient; t(98): t-test with 98 degrees of freedom; p-value: probability. Since the p-value for all t-tests is greater than the significance level of 0.05, the null hypothesis, that the genomic features are not correlated, is accepted.