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Table 1 Summary of Medline hit counts for all the full length mRNA genes (16,862 genes) using different search strategies.

From: MILANO – custom annotation of microarray results using automatic literature searches

Type of primary terma Positive resultsb Non reasonable resultsc Articles per gened
Symbol 10,045 20 198
Expanded 12,028 140 817
Filtered 11,910 22 451
  1. aThe Medline search was conducted using three searching strategies: Symbol refers to a search in which each gene was represented by its official symbol; Expanded refers to searches in which each gene was represented by the gene symbol, all its synonyms and the official gene product name; Filtered refers to searches in which non informative names were filtered out of the expanded list.
  2. bNumber of queries that returned at least one result.
  3. cNumber of queries that returned more than 33,000 results. We used 33,000 as a rough estimate of non reasonable results based on the fact that some of the most investigated genes, like p53, appear in less than 33,000 abstracts.
  4. dThe average number of abstracts per gene counting only genes that appeared at least once and did not appear in more than 33,000 abstracts.