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Table 3 t-test P-values for the difference in the distribution of nucleosome formation potential scores between housekeeping and tissue specific genes.

From: Comparative analysis of chromatin landscape in regulatory regions of human housekeeping and tissue specific genes

Length (bp)* P-value in intervals of scores
  -1.2 to -1 -1 to -0.8 0.8 to 1 1 to 1.2
400 3.53E-13 8.73E-17 1.28E-17 4.45E-23
800 1.16E-24 6.27E-24 6.64E-12 6.65E-22
1200 6.91E-26 1.44E-24 2.10E-09 1.64E-18
1600 1.72E-24 6.99E-24 2.72E-07 5.63E-15
2000 2.55E-25 1.84E-25 3.22E-05 6.71E-13
  1. *denotes the length of 5' upstream region from the gene start site taken for the analysis. The scores were compared in the four Recon score intervals of relevance -1.2 to -1, -1 to -0.8, 0.8 to 1 and 1 to 1.2.