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Table 1 A shortened list of Part of PAI loci mentioned in the text. (see supplementary Table 2S for the complete list of 207 collected PAI loci.) [see Additional file 2]

From: A computational approach for identifying pathogenicity islands in prokaryotic genomes

Name Function Strain (abbreviation) Accession number (length in kb)a
PAI I536 Hemolysin, fimbriae Escherichia coli 536 AJ488511(77.0)b
PAI II536 Hemolysin, P fimbriae E. coli 536 AJ494981(102.3)b
PAI III536 S fimbriae E. coli 536 X16664(75.8)b
PAI ICFT073 Hemolysin, P fimbriae E. coli CFT073 AF081283(10.2), AF081284, AF081285(13.7), AF081286, AF003741-2
PAI IICFT073 P-fimbriae E. coli CFT073 AF447814(71.7)b
LEE Attaching and effacing, TTSS, invasion E. coli O157:H7 EDL933; E2348/69; 4797/97; 83/39; RDEC-1 AF071034(45.3)b, AF022236(35.6)b, AJ278144(37.7)b, AF453441(60.4)b, AF200363(37.9)b
SPI-1 TTSS, invasion into epithelial cells, apoptosis Salmonella typhimurium SL1344 AF148689, U16278, U16303
SPI-2 TTSS, invasion into monocytes S. typhimurium SL1344; LT2; RF333 AF020808, AJ224978(12.1), Z95891, X99944-5, AJ224892, U51927, Y09357
SPI-3 Invasion, survival in monocytes S. typhimurium 14028s; S. enterica subsp. enterica serovar Rachaburi & serovar Dublin AF106566(17.0)b, Y13864, M57715, AJ000509, AY144489, AY144490(10.1)
SHI-2 Iron uptake S. flexneri M90T & SA100 AF141323(23.8)b, AF097520(14.3)
SRL Iron uptake S. flexneri 2a YSH6000 AF326777(66.7)
Yen HPI Iron uptake Yersinia enterocolitica Ye 8081 & WA314 X94452, X95298, AJ132668, AJ132945(14.0), Y12527(13.6)
Yps HPI Iron uptake Y. pseudotuberculosis PB1 & IP32637; Y. pestis KIM10+ AJ236887, AJ009592, AJ009988
VPI Toxin-coregulated pilus (Tcp) adhesin, regulator Vibrio cholerae 395; N16961; others AF325733(41.3)b, AF325734(41.3)b, AF034434(12.9), X64098(13.8), U39068(15.0), AF208385, AF319954, AF306795-8, AF319652-5, AF378526, AF452570-80
cag PAI Type IV secretion, cytotoxing-associated gene (cag) antigen Helicobacter pylori AF282853(20.2)b, AF282852(21.3)b, U60177, AY136637-46
Hrp PAI TTSS, effectors Pseudomonas syringae DC3000 & others AF232004(52.5)b, AF232005(11.0), U25812-3, AF232003, AF069650-2, L41862, U03854-5, U07346, AF051694, L11582, AY147017-28
PAGI-1   Pseudomonas aeruginosa X24509 & PA14 AF241171(51.3)b, AY273869(111.3)b
TTSS locus TTSS P. luminescens W14 AY144116(47.7)b
  1. aPAI loci of < 10 kb are not listed.
  2. bFully sequenced PAI locus