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Table 1 Dominantly inherited neurodegenerative diseases are associated with abnormally expanded tracts of glutamine residues.

From: COPASAAR – A database for proteomic analysis of single amino acid repeats

Disease protein Gln repeats Other notable repeats/comments
Huntington's disease protein 1 SAAR (23-residues) 2x Pro repeats (11-and 10-residues)
2x Glu repeats (6-and 5-residues)
Spinocerebellar ataxin type 1 2 SAARs (15-and 12-residues) The two Gln repeats are separated by 4 residues
Androgen receptor (Kennedy's disease) 3 SAARs (21-, 6-and 5-residues) 1x Pro repeat (8-residues)
1x Ala repeat (5-residues)
1x Gly repeat (24-residues)
  1. Legend: These SAARs are often accompanied by at least 2 other long SAARs of different amino acids. Gln – Glutamine, Pro – Proline, Ala – Alanine, Gly – Glycine, Glu – Glutamic acid.