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Table 3 All possible cases provided by tree topologies comparison tests

From: FIGENIX: Intelligent automation of genomic annotation: expertise integration in a new software platform

Method T1/K1 T2/K2 T3/K3
Parsimony (p) Best >=0.05 >=0.05 Best Best Best
Neighbor joining (n) >=0.05 Best >=0.05 <0.05 >=0.05 <0.05
Maximum Likelihood (l) >=0.05 >=0.05 Best >=0.05 <0.05 <0.05
  1. T indicates support from Templeton test. K indicates support from Kishino-HaseGawa test. Values returned by the tests that are >=0.05 indicate that the fusion is possible for the considered reconstruction method.