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Table 2 Calibration sequences. LR/PR – linear regression on peptide rule, IC – Internal calibration with two iterations. (Bruker Reflex – mass measurement error (MME) window of 450 and 250 ppm, Bruker Ultraflex 250 and 125 ppm); MST – MST calibration method computed with an search window of ± 0.4Da; TPS-IC – Pre-processing (TPS calibration) and subsequent internal calibration with a MME window of 250 ppm; TPS-MST – pre-processing and an MST with a search window of ± 0.25Da;

From: Calibration of mass spectrometric peptide mass fingerprint data without specific external or internal calibrants

  Abbreviation Description
1 LR/PR peptide rule calibration.
2 IC internal calibration 450 ppm and 250 ppm.
3 MST minimum spanning tree calibration.
4 TPS LR/PR and subsequent thin-plate spline (TPS) calibration.
5 TPS-IC TPS calibration and subsequent internal calibration.
6 TPS-MST TPS calibration and subsequent MST calibration.