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Table 7 Genes selected by ≥ 4 methods in two-class classification (ischemic vs idiopathic) with Minnesota data. The last row gives the total numbers of the genes in the final models.

From: A comparative study of discriminating human heart failure etiology using gene expression profiles

Probe Set Gene Rank PPLS PLS SC LSO RF
215066_at PTPRF: protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor type, F 1 X X   X X
212008_at UBXD2: UBX domain containing 2 X X X   X
217234_s_at VIL2: villin 2 (ezrin) 3 X X X   X
202092_s_at BART1: binder of Arl Two 5 X X X   X
218318_s_at NLK: nemo-like kinase 7 X X   X X
212062_at ATP9A: ATPase, Class II, type 9A 9 X X X   X
218208_at FLJ22378: hypothetical protein FLJ22378 13 X X X   X
212093_s_at MTSG1: mitochondrial tumor suppressor gene 1 14 X X X   X
214543_x_at QKI: quaking homolog, KH domain RNA binding (mouse) 24 X X X   X
209487_at RBPMS: RNA binding protein with multiple splicing 26 X X X X X
202877_s_at C1QR1: complement component 1, q subcomponent, receptor 1 31 X X   X X
64438_at FLJ22222: hypothetical protein FLJ22222 40 X X   X X
221928_at LOC283445: hypothetical protein LOC283445 44 X X X   X
212556_at SCRIB: scribble 48 X X   X X
202641_at ARL3: ADP-ribosylation factor-like 3 50   X X X X
201559_s_at CLIC4: chloride intracellular channel 4 64 X X X   X
216231_s_at Homo sapiens transcribed sequence with strong similarity to protein pdb:3HLA (H.sapiens) B Chain B, Human Class I Histocompatibility Antigen A2.1 (HLA-A2.1 Human Leucocyte Antigen) 73 X X X X X
220477_s_at C20orf30: chromosome 20 open reading frame 30 76 X X X   X
208879_x_at C20orfl4: chromosome 20 open reading frame 14 88 X X   X X
207630_s_at CREM: cAMP responsive element modulator 107 X X   X X
212117_at ARHQ: ras homolog gene family, member Q 116 X X X   X
212904_at KIAA1185: KIAA1185 protein 121   X X X X
M33197_5_at GAPD: glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 161 X X X   X
213507_s_at KPNB1: karyopherin (importin) beta 1 163 X X X   X
207627_s_at TFCP2: transcription factor CP2 208 X X   X X
Total - - 275 22283 36 22 883