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Figure 4

From: The modeled structure of the RNA dependent RNA polymerase of GBV-C Virus suggests a role for motif E in Flaviviridae RNA polymerases

Figure 4

Structural comparison of GBV-C and HCV RdRps. A: The model of the GBV-C polymerase is presented as a front view highlighting the Flap and the histidine residue pointing to the catalytic site. The color scheme is the same as in Figure 1. Images were generated using POV-RAY. B: a 180° rotation view of the GBV-C model show in A. Images were generated using POV-RAY. C: Superimposition of the X-ray structure of the HCV polymerase (in red) and the GBV-C polymerase model (in purple and yellow). A zoomed view of the Flap region is presented in the upper side box in order to highlight the perfect superimposition of the aromatic ring of the histidine found in the GBV-C polymerase and the tyrosine found in the HCV polymerase. Images were generated using POV-RAY.

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