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Table 1 A listing of Flaviviridae. Viruses used in the study, together with their correspondent VaZyMolO and NCBI accession numbers.

From: The modeled structure of the RNA dependent RNA polymerase of GBV-C Virus suggests a role for motif E in Flaviviridae RNA polymerases

Data Base Accession Virus NCBI Acc Protein Genus
VaZy 268 Dengue virus type 2 NP_056776.1  
VaZy 270 Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus [Bogoluvovska] NP_878909.1  
VaZy 345 West Nile virus NP_041724.2  
VaZy 387 Kamiti River virus – isolate SR-82 NP_891560.1  
VaZy 389 Yokose virus [Oita 36] NP_872627.1  
VaZy 506 Hepatitis C virus type 1a – isolate H77 NP_671491.1  
VaZy 508 Murray Valley encephalitis virus NP_051124.1  
VaZy 509 Japanese encephalitis virus NP_059434.1  
VaZy 510 Pestivirus type 1 [NADL] NP_040937.1  
VaZy 511 Cell fusing agent virus NP_041725.1  
VaZy 512 Yellow fever virus [Flavivirus (mosquito-borne)] NP_041726.1  
VaZy 513 Hepatitis GB virus B NP_056931.1  
VaZy 514 Bovine viral diarrhea virus genotype 2 [C413] NP_044731.1  
VaZy 515 Pestivirus type 3 [X818; Clover Lane] NP_620062.1  
VaZy 516 Tick-borne encephalitis virus NP_043135.1  
VaZy 518 Powassan virus [LB] NP_620099.1  
VaZy 519 Hepatitis GB virus C NP_043570.1  
VaZy 520 Pestivirus type 2 [Eystrup] NP_075354.1  
VaZy 521 Langat virus [TP21] NP_620108.1  
VaZy 522 Louping ill virus [369/T2] NP_044677.1  
VaZy 523 Deer tick virus [ctb30] – isolate CT95 NP_476520.1  
VaZy 524 Tamana bat virus NP_658908.1  
VaZy 525 Hepatitis GB virus A NP_045010.1  
VaZy 526 Modoc virus [M544] NP_619758.1  
VaZy 527 Montana myotis leukoencephalitis virus NP_689391.1  
VaZy 528 Rio Bravo virus [RiMAR] NP_620044.1  
VaZy 529 Alkhurma virus [1176] NP_722551.1  
VaZy 530 Apoi virus [ApMAR] NP_620045.1  
VaZy 531 Pestivirus – isolate reindeer-1 V60-Krefeld NP_620051.1  
VaZy 532 Pestivirus – isolate giraffe-1 H138 NP_620053.1  
  GB group  
   sub group