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Table 1 Key characteristics of used microarray data. The figures in curly brackets denote the number of samples belonging to each category. The number of probes comprises all probes for which data were available and which have not been filtered out in the preprocessing of the data (see methods for details). Abbreviations: ER, estrogen receptor status; AML, acute myeloid leukemia; t(A;B), balanced translocation of genetic material between chromosomes A and B; inv(16), inversion of a segment of chromosome 16; NN, normal karyotype.

From: Cross-platform analysis of cancer microarray data improves gene expression based classification of phenotypes

Study Cancer Platform Samples Probes Target Variable of Classification Analysis
Dhanasekaran et al[22] Prostate cancer cDNA 53 7769 Tissue: tumor{34}, normal{19}
Welsh et al[23] Prostate cancer oligo 33 9023 Tissue: tumor{24}, normal{9}
Gruvberger et al[24] Breast cancer cDNA 58 3300 ER-status: positive{28}, negative{30}
West et al[25] Breast cancer oligo 49 5435 ER-status: positive{25}, negative{24}
Bullinger et al[26] AML cDNA 52 14776 Karyotype: t(8;21){11},t(15;17){12},inv(16){15}, NN{14}
Valk et al[27] AML oligo 97 13250 Karyotype: t(8;21){22}, t(15;17){19},inv(16){23}, NN{33}