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Table 4 SVM features to describe stem loops, part 3. These quantities are calculated over the longest region in which the difference between the 5' and 3' components of asymmetrical loops is not larger than Δl (we will call this "relaxed symmetry region").

From: Identification of clustered microRNAs using an ab initio prediction method

Index Feature description SVM weight
27 Length 0.189
28 Distance from the hairpin loop 0.116
29 Number of nucleotides involved in symmetrical internal loops -0.220
30 Number of nucleotides involved in asymmetrical internal loops -0.176
31/32/33/34 Proportion of A/C/G/U nucleotides 0.024/0.077/-0.079/0.149
35/36/37 Proportion of A-U/C-G/G-U base pairs 0.317/0.123/-0.156