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Table 1 Data sources included in Atlas.

From: Atlas – a data warehouse for integrative bioinformatics

Atlas Data Source Summary Table *
Data Source URL Data Format Atlas Update Update Mechanism
GenBank Sequence ASN.1 Daily Incremental
GenBank Sequence ASN.1 Release Reload
GenBank Refseq ASN.1 Daily Incremental
GenBank Refseq ASN.1 Release Reload
NCBI Taxonomy Delimited Text Release Reload
HomoloGene Delimited Text Daily Reload
OMIM Delimited Text Daily Reload
Gene Delimited Text Daily Reload
LocusLink Delimited Text Daily Reload
UniProt XML Bi-weekly Reload
HPRD XML Release Reload
MINT XML Release Reload
DIP XML Release Reload
BIND Delimited Text Release Reload
GO MySQL dump Release Reload
  1. * up-to-date information about data sources and statistics are available from the Atlas website