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Table 1 Selected information types supported in SigPath.

From: Critical evaluation of the JDO API for the persistence and portability requirements of complex biological databases

Classes Description
SmallMolecule A small molecule, such as ATP
Complex A binding complex between two or more molecules
Protein A protein molecule
Chemical A small molecule, protein or complex
Reaction Reaction between molecules: has substrates and products
EnzymaticReaction Associates a reaction to the enzyme that catalyze it
Unit Represents a unit, such as mol/l or /sec
Parameter Associates a value to its unit
ConcentrationMeasurement Associates a concentration to a molecule and the conditions of the measurement
Pathway A set of reactions and enzymatic reactions
Model A quantitative biochemical model, a set of reactions (or enzymatic reactions), initial concentrations for molecules in the model, rates of the reaction, kinetic parameters of the enzymatic reactions.