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Table 5 CoPub Mapper single gene biological concept output. Output of the "Single Gene Biological Term Mapper" in which the top ten genes co-published with the prostate cancer disease-keyword are listed according to number of co-publications.

From: CoPub Mapper: mining MEDLINE based on search term co-publication

Gene name Gene Symbols Gene Aliases Number of hits log10 Relative Score
kallikrein 3, prostate specific antigen KLK3 PSA 6628 2.55
aminopeptidase puromycin sensitive NPEPPS MP100, PSA 4507 2.57
androgen receptor, dihydrotestosterone receptor   DHTR, NR3C4 932 1.93
acid phosphatase, prostate ACPP   546 2.22
gonadotropin-releasing hormone GNRH1 GNRH, GRH, LHRH, LNRH 522 1.24
1, leutinizing-releasing hormone tumor protein p53 TP53 P53 431 0.96
B-cell CLL/lymphoma 2 BCL2   346 1.17
insulin INS   318 0.05
epidermal growth factor, beta- urogastrone EGF URG 251 0.72
cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1A CDKN1A CAP20, CDKN1, CIP1, MDA-6, P21, SDI1, WAF1 190 0.98