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Table 3 Summary of observed data for the EAE example. A summary of the seven observed experiments involving EAE data to be combined in a meta-analysis.

From: Combining Affymetrix microarray results

Lab Experiment ID Base Sample Experimental Sample Chip Version
Offner Of.1 Of 1. Naive Of1.EAE1 MG_U74Av2
Offner Of.2 Of2.Naivel Of2.EAEl MG_U74Av2
Offner Of.3 Of2.Naive2 Of2.EAE2 MG_U74Av2
Carmody Ca.1 Ca.Naive1 Ca.Acute1 MG_U74A
Carmody Ca.2 Ca.Naive2 Ca.Acute2 MG_U74A
Ibrahim Ib.A Ib.ControlA Ib.PeakA Mu11KsubA
Ibrahim Ib.B Ib.ControlB Ib.PeakB Mu11KsubB