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Figure 3

From: MBEToolbox: a Matlab toolbox for sequence data analysis in molecular biology and evolution

Figure 3

A comparison between sliding window and enhanced sliding window methods. Sliding window analysis of K s and K a for the concatenated coding regions of two hepatitis C virus strains, HCV-JS and HCV-JT. The number of codons for the C, El, E2, NS2, NS3, NS4, NS5A, and NS5B genes are 191, 192, 426, 217, 631, 315, 447, and 591, respectively. The different coding regions are separated by vertical lines. (a) illustrates the result of a normal sliding window analysis; (b) illustrates the result of the enhanced sliding window analysis. Beginnings and ends of regions poor in synonymous substitutions (slope < 0) are indicated by the arrows a and b(genes C and El) and e and f(gene NS5B). A region rich in synonymous substitutions (slope > 0) in gene NS3 is indicated by arrows c and d.

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