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Table 5 High scoring references not annotated with stem cell MeSH terms.

From: Ranking the whole MEDLINE database according to a large training set using text indexing

Ranking1 PMID Title
139 9811585 Hematopoietic induction and respecification of A-P identity by visceral endoderm signaling in the mouse embryo.
160 8714368 The role of fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) in hematopoiesis.
174 11672504 Molecular regulation of embryonic hematopoiesis and vascular development: a novel pathway.
177 8805699 Positional cloning of a global regulator of anterior-posterior patterning in mice
404 2910353 Dual role of fibronectin in hematopoietic differentiation.
426 10441547 Regulative development of the sea urchin embryo: signalling cascades and morphogen gradients.
638 11730936 The dynamics of bone marrow stromal cells in the proliferation of multipotent hematopoietic progenitors by substance P: an understanding of the effects of a neurotransmitter on the differentiating hematopoietic stem cell.
720 3659868 Early cardiogenesis in the newt embryo.
750 79573 Calcium-binding protein of the chick chorioallantoic membrane. II. Vitamin K-dependent expression.
801 7538068 A conserved enhancer of the human and murine Hoxa-7 gene specifies the anterior boundary of expression during embryonal development.
  1. 1 Rank was assigned by computing the average score of all the nouns present in the abstract and title of an article, and comparing this score with that of other articles in the merged list of 162,832 references. The merged set was constructed from 81,416 references randomly selected from MEDLINE combined with 81,416 references that are annotated with the MeSH term stem cells or one of its children in the MeSH hierarchy.